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The Skinny Cocktail in a TABooze Begins!

Before Tabooze was created and hit the party scene, the no calorie cocktail mix in a portable Tablet ,was an idea. In 2012, founder Lori Schlakman decided to bring her talents of entertaining, eating and drinking smartly, together, to create Tabooze. Her years in product development for the giftware industry and her innovative role in the launch of the “Troll doll” gave her the experience required to bring Tabooze from an idea to your home. Alongside her business partner Harry Schlakman,with over 35 years in the pharmaceutical and consumer goods industry, they formulated the wonderful tablet that would re-shape the home and event bartending scene.

Today, Tabooze is saving one dull drink after another. From bridal showers to night’s out, this little tablet is taking the drab to fab and even giving back to the community! With the launch of Tabooze’s Cocktails for the Cure campaign, Tabooze is helping fund cancer research (cheers to that!).

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