Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tabooze?

Tabooze is a zero calorie tablet that turns any drink into a fizzing cocktail. Tabooze comes in Mojito, Martini and Margarita flavors.

Does Tabooze have alcohol in it?

Not unless you want it to! You can use Tabooze to make a virgin or a boozey drink. It is up to you.

Can I return Tabooze if I don’t like it?

Of course. Please return any UN-OPENED Tabooze packets to: and we will refund you for each unused packet.

How do I make a drink with Tabooze?

Simply put in 3 oz of water, drop in your Tabooze, let it fully fizz, and add in your shot of alcohol.

Does Tabooze contain alcohol in the tablet? 

No. Tabooze is an alcohol free product that can be used with or without alcohol to create cocktails.

Can Tabooze be dropped directly into my spirit?

Tabooze is meant to first be added into water or club soda. Once it fizzes you add the alcohol. However, it can be added directly to wine or beer.

What is the shelf life of Tabooze? 

Tabooze can be kept anywhere for 2 years as long as it does not get wet.

Where can I get more Tabooze cocktail recipes? 

New Tabooze recipes are being added all the time, so just click on our recipes page and continue to check in for creative new signature cocktails

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