Cocktails for a cure

When life gives you lemons… make a damn good margarita!

Immediately following the launch of my innovative new drink, Tabooze, I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. Yes, the big “C” had found its way into my healthy, busy life.

Mind you, this was not just any cancer, but a rare head and neck carcinoma, one that took several months and many painful, frightening tests and procedures to diagnose. Cancer would go on to take my beautiful hair and much of my strength. I had resigned myself to the prospect of undergoing one of the most toxic chemotherapy treatments, which would take me in and out of the hospital, in addition to the overwhelming fatigue and endless nausea.

I would NOT, however, let cancer conquer my SPIRIT!

To keep my sanity and positive outlook, I needed to demystify the head tilting, soft whispering, and endless nicknames given to cancer in past. I started a campaign #Cis4, having others from all over the country and the world, post their inspirational C word of the day through my social media page.

 Mine was, and always will be, #Cocktail.

As a working mother I had juggled conflicting schedules while working tirelessly on my innovation; Tabooze. In fact multi-platinum recording star FloRida had just launched his new album “My House” with our Tabooze Cocktails.

But now, here was cancer.

I was determined to battle it with ALL MY SPIRITS and to inspire others to CELEBRATE every milestone small or large. With this in mind, my friends and I raised a Tabooze cocktail toast to every good scan and to each successful round of chemo or radiation. I encouraged the other cancer patients on my hospital floor to partake in our uplifting sessions. Whether pole dancing in the halls with our chemo or simply gathering in my hospital room while visitors shared their C-words of wisdom, it was miraculous how many were strengthened to continue fighting. Perhaps the most valuable lesson from my journey came when I spoke at my daughter’s University for a cancer organization. Students shared with me how inspired they were by my journey that they were able to face their exams and work schedules with a can-do attitude. Crying, my daughter said she had learned, that while she could not control the challenges life gives, you can control the way you handle them with a positive attitude.

Cancer free now for almost a year, I reflect on my journey and power of positive spirit.

I want to continue to have an impact on others encouraging them to find that positive fighting spirit that helped me survive.

 I have now embarked on Cocktails for THE Cure, where a percent of Tabooze cocktail sales will go directly to support the efforts of raising funds and awareness to help find the cure for cancer.

We have already raised and donated several thousand dollars  for Cancer research with Pre-launch of Tabooze
We have  donated to the following causes:

To find out how you, or your organization, can join Cocktails for the Cure, or to get involved, please leave your information in the contact field below. 


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